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Currently in the garage: Phodilus, on 10 April - Unless a frickin russian shows up. Why would I want a tier8 tank that gets pawned by tier10 everytime? They have wasted a great amount of effort by allowing a wacked matchmaking engine to frustrate players. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Help Files. Please log in to reply. Stupid Matchmaking 21 members have cast votes Do you believe the matchmaking is bogus?

Yes 15 votes [ I hate the stupid matchmaking in 1. Go fuck yourself or free xp. Btw the template is You should know at least that before contributing nothing of substance. If you check tanks. Tier 8 heavy against those tier 8? You can pen them everywhere, just gotta avoid those well angled spot. You just dont know where to shoot and its pretty obvious from the examples you gave. Are you kidding me? With the IS, you should be almost in front of your enemies peek-a-booeing after they fired at higher tiers, meaning you can aim for weakspots. Oh, i actually considered MORE higher tier tanks and because of that i know nothing?

Youre the one not adding anything od value, before, you could get a 10 tier 9, 3 tier 8 and 2 tier 7 games, if thats better than , then youre stupid.

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Before, you could get in a 13 t9 and 2t7 match, if thats better than , then youre stupid. Sorry, but I will not grace you with an answer here, as a discussion with you is pointless. I see what you are writing in response to the other people that commented on your post. So you pick out one of the least heavy tier 9 heavies to make an example? Why don't you take its replacement as an example and tell me where to shoot with pen. Also you literally take the patriot, which like the T10 is a heavium at most to point out a pennable weakspot. For the last time: There are no weakspots with less than mm on a Chrysler for example.

Neither are there any on most of the other T8 premiums and I am talking specifically about those since they are seen so often in the matches.

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As an avid light tank player I am very well aware of the matchmaking of lights previous to the changes. It is just stupid people like you that could not fucking get it into their head that a T7 light basically was a T8 tank. The number is fucking meaningless if you can simply accept that the former Bulldog was a glorious T8 light and only T7 by designation. The Bulldog used to be my favorite tank in the game, but now it's just another cookie cutter shitty LT with nothing special about it. Dude I just wish you good luck grinding out the IS-M with the stock gun which has the mm pen and really its not impossible you'd be surprised how far overmatching armour can also get you.

Stupid Matchmaking

I played through the IS a long time ago, 3 marked my IS3 and then stopped playing that line. So the T10 is in my garage, as is the , but I do not feel like going through the stock grind on those right now I do not feel like playing WoT at all in fact. First off, if you think T10 and Patriot are alike, youre stupid. Wow, pretty hard to check tanks. Thanks for proving my point that youre stupid. Your argumentation doesnt make sense. Both the T and the Patriot have at least mm effective LFP and i dont see which of those 2 have 50mm effective turrettop armor.

You seem to forget that in most engagements you dont meet them the way you like to meet them. Hitting a hulldown Patriot with your IS gun and actually penning him? Good luck hitting the weakspot in the first place. Instead of saying what you think is the truth, just type tanks. Youre taking an american tank at its best position against a tank that cant even fight in those conditions. I was only replying to what you said cause it sure wasnt easy to understand what you actually meant. Also you talked about the T and not the Obj.

I know that the Obj. The thing with the hulldown Paitriot was meant to show that you cant always pick how you meet them. This would have been a reasonable solution 2 years ago, but not today. The game is balanced around gold ammo now. What are you supposed to do against a Type 4 heavy in your IS without gold? There are simply too many "weakpoint free" tanks these days where you need to get the flat side or rear to pen them.

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Also, I don't think a tier 7 heavy with less than average pen for its tier should be able to pen a tier 9 superheavy frontally. Isn't that the strength of superheavies? That's what weakspots were there for. Back in the day gold rounds could have been nerfed damage wise and usage would have tapered off, potentially preventing WG from adding a superheavy line without weakspots, or the OP prems. But now it's too late. More and more tanks added without weakspots which basically requires 2 key to pen frontally with same tier or lower tier tanks.

And a lot of these new high armor tanks retain the mobilty to flank. What's a poor thing like the is4 to do against the up-armored t10 meds? They have more effective armor than the is4 after the buffs. Gold round imbalance, these new high tier tank replacements, and WGs unwillingness to fix it is what drove me away from this game for good.

I totally agree with that, I just wanted to point out that the Type 4 isn't very unbalanced imo. I pretty much never fire gold and with a tier 8 gun I'd rather fight a Type 4 than several tier 8s Defender, VK If it's not angled at all there's a part with mm, which isn't a reliable pen, but if you poke and shoot while it's moving you'll do more damage than you take because of the awful gun handling of the Type 4. Thing is, with the current map-layout, it is often impossible to flank an enemy until fairly late into the match when one side snowballed.

I think the best thing to do to prem ammo would not be limit it but to change it for a better role. Well it would make players choose what is better for the situation rather than just heat spamming. The only issue is it puts meds and light tanks in even worse standing. And double down the heavy tank and tank destroyer meta.

Or maybe even standardize tank HP pools to tier so armor is the deciding factor on survivability? I haven't really thought that through, but it would certainly simplify balance issues. Lower gold alpha, revert armor buffs to most tanks, give the t10s actual weakspots like the is4, e5, and e4 have had. Revert the armor buff a little on high tier meds, as they stand hull down some t10 heavies can't even pen them. Tank destroyers should lose some mobility outside specialties like the-wait, those don't exist anymore. Nerf mobility across the board I guess. Remove the mountain camping spots, add more ways to cross flanks little climbable spots but not mountains by any means or jump around ledges.

This gives smart players ways to punish TD's. Heavies should be able to react but not necessarily fast enough to counter circling meds. Specialty heavies like the e5 can prob keep up but others couldn't. It shouldn't be a "premium ammo" in the first place. It should be a separate ammo with higher penetration capabilites at the cost of lower damage output.

That would of course require a rebalance of the super heavies etc. Call it WoT patch 2. But I guess that'll never happen as WG likes their retarded and expensive premium ammo economy. This has been the obvious solution for as long as there has been premium ammo. I doubt it will ever happen. I like this, I think gold is necessary for those situations that you need to shoot gold to pen. What makes me laugh is when Tier X tanks Heat up the side of my centurion Mk1. Nobody is loading gold for the lights.. Thats not always on purpose Balance the game for standard ammo and the low prem ammo count isn't a big problem anymore.

The people that don't like gold rounds being basically required for many matches aren't mutually exclusive of the people that hate tanks released blatantly overpowered. Tanks with good turret armor would have weaker hulls. Tanks with good side armor for sidescraping have poor frontal armor, etc etc. Instead, what we get are tanks with great turrets, above average hull armor, high mobility, great guns and no real weaknesses. Or we get tanks like the with absurd ufp, side armor, and turret and the only real weakness to it is the lfp which is the easiest part to hide since the tank is played best sidescraping.

Or a Defender that has IS-7 armor, high alpha, great pen where its only weakness is gun handling which doesn't matter since you can just drive at the enemy and bounce half the shots.

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I don't believe you, unless by 'sniping' you mean 'shooting from 10m away'. Or you're calling 1 in 4 shots penning a success. Your Firefly that supposedly laughs at Defender's lfp literally can't pen the Defender's lfp with standard rounds without a very high pen roll or you have to be looking up at it. The Defender is effective at the weakest point on flat ground on the lfp. I'll give you mm if you're below it a bit. And those 2 hatches are tiny. Next you're going to tell me the T32's cupola is easy to hit too.

And on top of all that, the Firefily uses the highest pen gun on a medium at tier 6. There are only tanks with higher pen, and they are td's and heavies. Well, there this game called World of tanks blitz also by wargaming, but a different dev team that has similar characteristics and a similar play style, game feels Light-Years ahead of WoT PC. Blitz is great if you want even worse players.

A year of that game and I stopped 3 months ago. But yes they do have some better mechanics like reduced damage prammo. Blitz is honestly a great game with better gameplay than regular WoT. Plus I can play it on my phone without being at a real controls disadvantage. The only thing that is realky inferior is the graphics. Glad to see some love for Blitz on here! They refuse to nerf massive OP t ds at higher tier.

Power creeping everything to fuck. Armor doesn't matter anymore. We just got the light tank rework and they totally fucked most light tanks. Tier 6 bc 12t had a 20 second reload on a 6 shot autoloader and view range.

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks

Now it has a 20 second reload on a 4 shot autoloader with less view range than most tier 6 mediums. We have alpha artillery that one shots everything below tier 9 and they just recently introduced some fucked up algorithm to low roll your damage on what should be a kill shot. Seeing the new map designs makes me miss Armored Warfare's method of keeping MBTs balanced by giving them very low view range, and low DPM, but we can't let heavies be shot at by invisble enemies in WoT, so we give them m base view range and we can't let them be out DPMed by mediums, so we give them just as much.

When tier 8 superheavies have better view range than some tier 10 light tanks, you know something is wrong. I feel like with the Light update they should have just rebalanced all the the view ranges for every tank and made it so that Heavies have the worse, Mediums have good, and Lights always have the best -- even above the max. But I'm not a game designer, so who knows, maybe that would make light tanks too important and the team with the worst light tank player loses granted, some maps are already like that If I remember correctly, wargaming's reasoning for the light tank view range nerf was that they didn't want the light tanks to have such good base view range that people wouldn't need to choose view range equipment and skills in light tanks.

With a base view range of m, if you don't run optics you can still reach m view range with a decent crew, so wargaming was concerned that light tank players would focus less on view range and camo stuff in light tanks and use equipment slots for combat equipments. Essentially they didn't want light tanks to be as capable of fighting as mediums, while also outspotting them of course, this is a fucking joke, because even focusing entirely on combat stuff, a light tank will never be as good as a medium tank for fighting.

Unfortunately wargaming obviously wanted light tanks to be more focused on passive scouting and doing spotting runs, not fighting. Thing is though that passive scouting exists only on like 3 maps total, and active scouting runs can be done by medium tanks with nearly the same effectiveness. I left for all those same reasons. I want to like this game but can't for all the reasons you listed.

WGs game model is systematically set up to force everyone to pay to spam gold at high tiers. The difference between shooting gold liberally and trying to play without it is just ridiculous and doesn't belong in a supposed skill-based game. Personally I'd happily support WG financially if I didn't feel like they were just trying to grab as much cash as they can.

I've spent a lot of money on league of legends just because I like the game and model and want to support Riot. Hopefully it changes at some point but I'm not hopeful. Man you are fucking spot on. You even use the same phrases I keep reiterating I wanna have fun, winning is fun, so I play to win. That is at the heart of online gaming for me. I also quit playing this game last summer, been trying other stuff since. The Division with the new patch was fun for quite some time, but it is starting to lose my interest. Warplanes new patch was also great until they managed to screw up certain things, but that is what I get for getting into another Wargaming title.

People will suggest to you to take a break. Go ahead and try, it worked 2 or 3 times for me, but you will find that after every break your fuse will be shorter and your acceptance for the bullshit will become lower and lower. Lets hope for another really great gaming title to come around soon, so I can funnel my addiction into some more positive experiences. You are trying to address why you are leaving the game.

This is why 3:5:7 MM is stupid

However, when I read your post it was not so much the MM that is the core of the problem, but a range of other things. This is the main problem. Yet, it is not an easy one to solve either. Super Heavy tanks need to be armored so that they can actually bounce shots. The pre-buffed Maus was absolutely horrible - everything penned that mm turret. That makes no sense at all. How was it not a problem with the "rough" MM.

It very much was a problem back then as well. Your team melts if they are caught out of position or doesn't play too well. That can happen with the enemy team too, but most people would remember the negative outcome best. There has been a general removal of weak-spots in WoT.

This, I feel, is to dump down the game to an audience that can't be bothered to learn the weak-spots and rather want a more easily understood tank. On the other hand, weak spots can negate the entire armor of the tank, which is not exactly what they should either. The Tortoise is a good example to how they could, and perhaps should, make weak-spots in the future; that is to give armor on parts of the weak-spots, but if the enemy knows where to aim and actually takes their time aiming, then they can go through reliably.

You seem to forget that it has always been like that. When the enemy team has been mapped out and located, you can start abusing the weaker side and in time flank them. The matchmaker is very good now. Way better than before. I've read many posts where people are bashing the MM, or making it the villain in the game. It is not, it probably the best working part of the game as it stands. The reason I say that is because people have a bad tendency of forgetting all the bad things of the old matchmaker and simply state "the new one is bad!

Do you remember when you were the absolute only tier 7 in a matchup? How about when the enemy had 7 top tier heavies and your team had a 1 heavy, 2 TD's and 4 mediums? Or the fact that being low-tier, in the old matchmaker, usually meant that you would face almost exclusively higher tier opponents that you would struggle against? These are not prevalent anymore where the Match-maker makes the teams equal in terms of numbers of heavy, medium and light tanks as well as TD's.

The Matchmaker is not to blame for you leaving the game - albeit it always is the easiest to blame for all of WoT's problems. There's a range of problems to be addressed. That alone would would make WoT a much more enjoyable experience as you, in a tier 8, can compete against tier 9, but tier 10 is just too strong. I vividly remember the old matchmaking system. Playing as the only bottom tier tank, the enemy team gets 8 heavies and you get 2 heavies and 6 mediums, just an unbalanced mess throughout. The new matchmaker is a huge step forward in balancing the teams, not just accounting for classes but even for tank types autloaders vs.

I still look at the team composition sometimes and admire how well balanced it is compared to the random nonsense the old mm would produce. It depends what do you mean by "fighting". Plenty of ships from tiers suck when uptiered, and having only lowest tier ships in a team is not rare at all. I recently took my Texas for a single ride, and was glad seeing carriers in queue - but what I got was Well, this simply means that the " World of Warships " problem persists.

Ignoring it by " Unicums that vote it is OK, because it doesn't affect them " doesn't change the fact. Don't forget to blame your team as well for camping, not radaring the enemy DD and lack of spotting by your CV. You'll never learn anything from those games and that'll keep you clueless on how to play in such a game as bottom tier. Which in turn will make you more annoyed and angry the next time it happens.

Plus, you're letting your team down because of your feeling, pretty selfish move no? I have bin top tir once the past week with a tir 8 ship, rest of the time is was like OPs Pic. Yeah man, it's totally the T8 matchmaking at fault. Oh, wait, that doesn't make any sense. You can always play at low tiers with two CVs. Am I strange for enjoying being in that sort of situation? It's a challenge and I relish the chance to see how well I can perform when the chips are down and not simply playing a ship by rote.

Sure, I'm not such a fan when I get a run of such battles but if I think that's happening I'll change ships to break the cycle. Why should I put any work into answering you, when you are just one of hundred players that cry about the matchmaking instead of getting better themselves? The enemies underestimate you. You get a nice XP and credit boost for being lowtier and the difference in ship strength isn't even that big.

I have more than 20 times your games. You can believe me when I say that I have been lowtier far more often than you. And do you see my complaining?

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The only ship class that has any right to complain about being lowtier are CVs, because the increase in AA is really high. Listen to me, blame teammates and problem solved. And how do you contribute when you are playing T7 which is more often toptier than not? Since your WR isnt good, and neither do you deal more damage than on T8. We just played one match 3x T8 division benson, mogami, Bismarck , enemy had 3x T10 division to balance division. You just have to learn how to deal with it.

When the DD dies however, its much faster going downhill from there, since the enemy DDs can roam more freely. I played Bismarck, and did manage to tank the enemy GK for a while too. He did less damage to me than i did to him only problem was, he fucked up 2 of my turrets in one salvo.