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An electron which has a negative charge to balance the positive charge is then ejected at high speed and carries away a lot of energy. Beta decay causes the atomic number of the nucleus to increase by one and the mass number remains the same.

A hot gas cools by emitting infrared radiation which is an electromagnetic wave. High energy particles will emit energy as they drop to lower energy levels. Since energy levels in the nucleus are much higher than those in the gas, the nucleus will cool down by emitting a more energetic electromagnetic wave called a gamma ray.

Gamma ray emission causes no change in the number of particles in the nucleus meaning both the atomic number and mass number remain the same.

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Occasionally it is possible for a neutron to be emitted by radioactive decay. Sign Up Log In. Unit 7 Unit 1: Introduction to 7th Grade Science Unit 2: Online Science Research Unit 3: Cells and Organelles Unit 4: Cell Processess Unit 5: Geologic Time Unit 8: Interdependence of Organisms Unit The email is on its way.

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Quiz & Worksheet - Radioactive Dating |

To use our web app, go to Kids. Or download our app "Guided Lessons by Education. Share this science project. Physics Construct a model of radioactive decay What is radiation? What is nuclear medicine? What is decay rate? What is an isotope? What is meant by the half life of a radioactive isotope? How is carbon- 14 dating used?

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What is meant by concept of probability? Do you think the use of coins and probability theory might or might not be effective in modeling radioactive decay? Subject Science Physical Science. Thank you for your input.

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These include coins, pen, paper and a strong paper or plastic bag for your coins. You may wish to include a camera and take photos of the steps as you go though the experiment. Copy the Data Chart provided below so that you can readily record your observations.

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Put the coins in the bag. Close the bag securely and shake the bag.

Now spill the coins out on the table in front of you. Do not lose any! You may want to snap a photo. Gather and count all the coins that are heads. In the Data Chart record this number of coins in the column Coins Removed.

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Now subtract and calculate the number remaining and put that number in the Coins Remaining column. Now collect the coin that were tails and put them back in the bag. Close the bag and shake! Repeat steps 4,5and 6 until you have run out of coins to put back in the bag Now take the data you have and draw a bar graph showing what happened to the size of your coin sample as went through all of the steps.